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Providing Safe & Structured Environment for Men in Recovery

Stonegate Center Drug Rehab & Sober Living is a sober living residence for young men in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Located in a quiet suburb of Fort Worth, Texas, our program provides a structured living environment for individuals ready to begin the next phase of their recovery journey. But, Stonegate Center Drug Rehab & Sober Living is not simply a house. Rather, it is a dynamic community of like-minded gentleman who are all committed to one goal: the attainment of long-term sobriety. To achieve this success, we offer our clients a highly-structured lifestyle that promotes accountability, self-actualization, and freedom from chemical dependency.

Stonegate Center Drug Rehab & Sober Living was founded in 2015 when we saw a need for reliable continuum-of-care services in the Fort Worth area. Our goal is to help our clients transition more effectively from residential treatment into lifelong recovery. Through our unique phase-system and 12-Step model, each resident is exposed to new learning opportunities designed to enhance healthy habits, life skills, and leadership qualities. Finding a healthy fraternity of men is hard. Therefore, we view acceptance into Stonegate Center Drug Rehab & Sober Living as a privilege rather than a discharge planning requirement.

Our Mission

Stonegate Center Drug Rehab & Sober Living is a recovery house, also called a sober living, that serves as a bridge between rehab and mainstream society for men who are transitioning into independent living. Our dedicated team of professionals is credentialed, trained and experienced to help you through the challenges of re-entering life and living independently after rehab. At Stonegate Center Drug Rehab & Sober Living, we incorporate proven recovery methods in a comfortable and safe environment that promotes sober lifestyle. Our main goal is for our residents to strengthen their sobriety while they adapt to a healthy way of living.

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